A colonel who is also a bastard.


Today we don’t have any concrete plans so we’ll be wandering around just checking things out. So if you’re here and you want to meet us today please text Ash at 512-557-7365 and we can plan something! I’ll either be dressed as WWII Bucky(maybe with the goggles) or my…


GOOD MORNING ATLANTA! I hope everyone is doing well! I have a couple of things to say about DragonCon for those of you who are here:

- If you have the DragonCon app downloaded you can give out friend codes to communicate and find each other with! Ash will be in charge of…


Star Trek the Anime: 第一

Will Kirk-senpai notice Spock-kun~~ でしょう〜

Kirk and Spock 

yes hello we are nerds


And that’s for staring at Steve’s ass.

Excuse me but staring at Captain America’s ass is one of my rights as a US citizen.  It’s in the Constitution.  Look it up. 

I’m really really sorry that I haven’t responded to any birthday messages yet!!!  and I’m also sorry that I haven’t posted anything on here in a few days.  there’s a perfectly unreasonable explanation, I assure you

I’m in the process of moving this week so my life has consisted of shoving all my shit into boxes and crying about how it’s too many boxes and too much shit and then not doing anything to reduce the amount of shit because I am a lifelong packrat and someday I might need that birthday card from my dad from six years ago

but I feel so guilty about not responding to my messages that I’m not reblogging anything because I don’t want people to think I’m wantonly traipsing around tumblr and ignoring their lovely kind asks

so I just keep liking everything and now there’s a billion things piled up in my likes for me to reblog after I respond to these messages

it’s a vicious cycle

hopefully I will get this all straightened out soon and we can resume our regularly scheduled broadcast

in the meantime hello to all my new followers and thanks to all the old ones who haven’t given up on me yet

stay groovy, my friends!




Lay me down among them and let my heart be trampled.




That’s right everyone, it’s colonel-bastard's birthday today! Our amazing Tony Stark deserves all of your love so everyone should go wish Stark a very happy birthday! DO IT!

If you haven’t yet, go go go! Wish Stark a happy bday!

so I haven’t been able to get to a computer all day, but there’s still fifteen minutes until midnight so it’s STILL MY BIRTHDAY

you guys, coming home and checking tumblr was the best birthday present EVER.  so many new followers, so many wonderful messages in my inbox — you all sure know how to make a bastard feel loved!!

thank you to EVERYONE for all of the birthday wishes!  I promise I will respond to all of you tomorrow.  you guys are the best!!

[whispers] remember butthole jamboree


^^^CLICK ON THIS!!!! ^^^

How could I forget?? If you have no idea what this is about, here’s the story. Basically earlier in the year we were on our way to a shoot and I was scrolling through my Tumblr app and noticed that tumblr user “buttholejamboree” had reblogged one of our gifsets. Thinking it was a delightful choice of username, I said it out loud and it became somewhat of a war cry for the rest of our day. Later that night, after a few scotches, Stark here decided to give us the break down on what’s SO great about the username “buttholejamboree”. Enjoy.

this is probably the best possible thing to have posted on my birthday